You are the Tortoise & the Hare

There are a lot of moms with the autopilot pace of the Hare. But I bet they didn’t set that pace for themselves.

If you’re racing down the road of life at a buck sixty, in a vehicle {your body} that you’re out of touch with, on a road that you don’t quite remember {your thoughts}, with an outdated map {your emotions} you’re bound to miss the signs and sights {your soul}.

Moms run the show, keep everyone and everything in running order and make sure everyone’s running on time….

But moms have forgotten this also means they have the absolute power to slow shit down, take a lovely spontaneous detour to stop and smell the roses.

Moms aren’t taught that they have this power though….

Moms are taught to
give and do and go,
and give and do and go,
and give and do and go some more.

It’s driving us crazy, it’s driving our kids crazy and it’s driving our world crazy.

Moms know so well what they’re capable of doing.

What moms need to know, even more these days, is that they’re capable of being, slowly, more still, more settled, more grounded


regardless of how much they do, or don’t do.

You see, it’s not about what your doing, mama, it’s about they pace at which you’re doing it.

Do you want to go balls to the wall through life, bouncing off guard rails and getting whiplash?

Or, do you want to get off cruise control, gear down and get to f*cking know the vehicle your driving and the feel of the road your driving on.

You can choose to keep going at a pace pre-set by society and the Jones’.

Or, you can choose to go at your own speed, so you can see where you’re going and really feel into what’s important to you, and finally become the owner and operator of your time and energy.

You get to choose, mama.

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