Introverted Motherhood

I wonder what introverted moms think.

How do they see things?

How do they feel about things?

I wonder what they’re wondering about.

I wonder what they know.

It’s a hard line to walk, wanting to be seen and heard, but not wanting the noisy, busy or hustle energy.

The introverted mom wants a different kind of attention.

She requires a slower time and space.

She wants a deeper, more meaningful connection that she knows is worth her energy.

The introverted mom is often misunderstood.

Her silence and distance is misunderstood for aloofness or disinterest.

She often feels passed over, forgotten or disregarded.

The introverted mom is present in a much different way, which doesn’t conform to the break-neck pace of the world.

She knows way more than she shows.

Her observations are sharp and deep, but rarely shared out loud.

There’s more power and wisdom within the introverted mom than we know.

But I’d like to change that.

I wonder what she knows, and I wonder what she wonders.

I wonder what she sees, thinks and feels.

And I wonder how to make space for her to be seen and heard, in a way that works for her, on her own time, in her own energy, at her own pace.

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