The Benefits of Energy Patterning

Energy Patterning goes hand in hand with Energy Management (read about energy management here).

But, unlike energy management, where we’re using tools and resources to manage our mood, mindset and motivation, so that we can work with and leverage it, energy patterning is about observation, allowance and acceptance.

Energy patterning requires patience and presence to observe our natural physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ebb and flow, without trying to change, control, manipulate or manage.

Why would this be beneficial to us? When we know the natural fluidity of our mood, mindset and motivation, it’s the ultimate permission slip to be yourself.

We live in a world moving at break-neck speed, and we’ve had to adopt this pace, which was predetermined by someone else.

Many of us are taking more time to slow down and become more intentional and present in our day, to be with ourselves.

But there’s still a underlying current of needing to do, be or have something outside of ourselves. There’s an undercurrent of striving to attain another level or version of ourselves other than who, what, where, how and why we are here and now.

First, I just want to say there’s nothing wrong with personal growth and expansion. I will be a life-long student of expanding and evolving my inner and outer world.

But, this expansion comes a lot more easily and efficiently when we take the time to know ourselves now. This understanding gives us a strong and stable jumping off point for what we’re becoming.

In all my personal growth studies over the last 7 years, I’ve come to understand that where we are right now, our current patterns, thoughts, emotions and actions, are keys that unlock and/or activate our next higher vantage point for a more aligned life.

Past experiences have been gathered and accumulated, stored and carried. We’ve learned many different ways to filter our life, to see it and live it through the ways of others.

It’s a rebellious act, in this day and age, to disconnect and pull away from the societal norm, and be your most genuine self. And we’re always learning about who we genuinely are. There’s always another layer to peel back, another level to move through, another pattern to decondition from.

To make room for more fulfillment in our lives, we need to sift and sort through what we’re holding right now, and letting go of what doesn’t support us anymore.

When we work with energy patterning, it give us a more neutral and observant perspective for this work of unbecoming, unlearning and deconditioning.

It allows us to practice softening to ourselves. It asks us to practice being more gentle on ourselves, to release judgement and comparison. It invites us to be ourselves boldly and unapologetically.

When we observe our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy without trying to manage, manipulate or control it, we start to learn a deeper part of ourselves.

  1. You begin to understand your natural “timing” when it comes to natural dips and funks in your mood and motivation. It’s natural to have low and slow times in your life. We’re all meant to feel the full spectrum of emotion, which include lower frequency emotions such as sadness, anger, grief, disappointment, judgement, comparison, discouragement and fear. You’ll begin to know what’s the “right” amount of time for you to be stuck in a funk, and when it’s time to ask for support to shift out of it.
  2. Energy patterning helps you release that “feast-famine” cycle. When you understand your natural ebb and flow timeline, you can purposefully utilize lower and higher energy states without feeling like you aren’t doing enough, or pushing yourself to do more. You begin to understand that your energy will shift and change, so you can create fulfillment in each energy level, because you know that the highs will come back around for you to do more, and the lows will come back around for you to rest more.
  3. When you know your routine fluctuations and cycles through high and low energy levels, you can build your schedule around your highs and lows, utilizing each energy level with more meaning and purpose. This means less time and energy spent on feeling out of sorts about how productive you’ve been, or haven’t been. You begin to release the old patterns and beliefs about not being or doing enough and/or having enough time. You fulfill the full range of energetic spectrum, from the lowest lows, to the highest highs.

Ultimately, energy patterning gives you the permission slip to do things at your own pace, on your time, in your own way.

You start to release other people’s expectations and standards of “normal”.

You become more familiar with your normal state of being and doing, more comfortable with prioritizing yourself, and you can adjust your mood, mindset and motivation with your fulfillment and alignment top of mind, body and soul.

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