Worthiness from Within

Are you ready to tap into your wellspring of worthiness from within?

Are you an introverted mom who already spends the majority of your time contemplating and processing life on the inside?

Maybe you feel pressure and stress from pre-determined expectations of motherhood?

Are you ready to invest in some time and energy to figure out how to break cycles and de-condition from generational and societal norms, to redefine the way you do things?

Buidling and strengthening your self-worth, self-accepance and most genuinely self-expressed self is literally at your fingertips…

Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), aka Tapping, to help you settle what’s in your mind and on your heart. We will begin to sift and sort through your autopilot thoughts, beliefs, emotional habits and actions that keep you re-living outdated patterns.

With the tools such as Astrology and Numerology we can explore specific life themes and your natural flow of energy to work in coherence with your real-life experiences today.

Understanding the natural essence of yourself, and the way past experiences have shaped who and where you are today, we can begin to map out ways in which you are able to feel empowered, fulfilled and genuinely happy with moving forward.

The 5 pillars of our work together will be loosely based on:

  • Listening to your body, mind, emotions and soul
  • Uncovering your “floating” values
  • Releasing expectations, while defining standards
  • Permission
  • Consideration vs. justification

It’s time to meet yourself where you’re at in your current season of life!

With 2 different options to choose from, either a “self-study” approach OR a “tailored-to-you” package, this is a space for you tune out of the hustle and bustle of the outside world, and tap into your wisdom within.

Some areas that we can work with:
– releasing mental & emotional energy stuck in the body –
– motherhood stress & overwhelm –
– introverted moms –
– energy management –
– money & business –
– relationships & communication –
– generational & karmic cycle bending –
– general personal and spiritual growth & expansion –

“Self-Study” Program:
– 5 self-study modules –
– monthly group Q&A/discussion calls –
Life-time access, including any updates: $499 (CAD)

Tailored-to-You” Package:
– 5 individual sessions –
– voice memo support between calls (as needed) –
– Energy Season Observation –
– 5 self-study modules –
– monthly group Q&A/discussion calls –
Investment: $899 (CAD)

Fill out the form below to get the Tailored-To-You process going.