Worthiness from Within Program

How many times have you craved something, started seeking it out and then felt flat, disappointed and defeated after attaining, obtaining or “getting to” whatever it was that you were craving?

Food. Things. Money. Relationships. Kids. Jobs. Experiences.

Sometimes you can be so sure that something outside of yourself is going to fill a void, gap, hole or craving. And, yea, sometimes it does, for a minute.

But then that unfulfilled feeling opens back up, and you’re on the hunt again for the next replacement.

Eventually though, we start to realize that whatever we’re seeking externally isn’t the answer. 

And this is when we start to turn within. We start to realize that it’s not an external seeking that will create the fulfillment we’re searching for.

It’s a bit of a chaotic and confusing path to go down.

Especially as moms, we’re so accustomed to putting ourselves on the back-burner that we need to re-learn how to make ourselves matter.

– Where do you find the time and energy to figure out what you want?
– How do you deal with guilt that comes up when you take time and energy away from other things, to figure out what you want?
– How do you make worthiness from within “normal”?
– How do you move from feeling selfish to feeling self-fulfilled? 
– How do you learn to accept and receive as graciously as you give?
– How do you find clarity and understanding, and then communicate that to those around you? 

This 5 week personal transformation experience will help you make space so you can answer these questions, and more, to tap into all the different angles that will allow you to feel the benefits of prioritizing yourself.

Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ll be digging into:

Module 1 dives into different layers of listening to yourself. It’s about finding awareness in how you speak to yourself, your inner tone of dialogue, and the way you experience your emotions internally.

Module 2 is all about taking our core values to another level, and working with them in a much more fluid and harmonizing way.

Module 3 begins to explore the way we feel about what we expect from ourselves and others, and the difference between expectations and standards

Module 4 takes a deep dive into permission.

Module 5 highlights setting the tone for how we express what truly and genuinely matters to us.

Included in the program, alongside these 5 modules, will be:

  • PDFs
  • Livestream EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) videos
  • Audio meditations
  • 3 Q&A/discussion Zoom calls
  • Support & guidance in the private Facebook group

This experience will be a powerful asset in bringing your state of body, mind, emotion and soul into reverence and cohesion, so that you’re moving forward wholly, leaving no part of you behind.

Personally, as a mom, and life coach for moms, I have really found that once we can honour and prioritize ourselves, we lead by example and teach our kids to do the same. 

“Do as I say, not as I do” is dead in the water, as far as I’m concerned. And to be quite honest, it never really had a chance to float, because I sure as hell didn’t experience the most meaningful moments of my childhood through words from my mom or dad. Did you?

With this approach of building and strengthening our worthiness from within, to cultivate fulfillment from the inside, and then to allow more of that honour and harmony to be drawn to us, we can begin to fulfill our time instead of fill it.

My most genuine intention with this course is to help moms make themselves matter as much as they make everyone else around them matter.

And from this place of making ourselves matter, we create a legacy for our kids that is based on valuing worthiness from within. Seeking acceptance, value and worth from the external world no longer creates safety or fulfillment.

It starts with you. Only you know what you need to make your life more aligned and meaningful.

Are you ready to tap into your wellspring of worthiness from within?

Let’s get started. Click on the link below to fill out the form so we can begin the process.

From one mother to another, sending you all the love

Please contact meganbaceda@hotmail.com if you have any questions about this program.