What is energy management?

Energy management represents the tools, resources and modalities in which we can shift and change our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. This helps us to utilize our energy levels with more ease and efficiency.

What is energy patterning?

Energy patterning is a process where we can begin to anticipate our energy levels over a certain period of time, usually monthly. The benefit of energy patterning is to be able to plan out what we want to do according by anticipating what our energy level will be during that week.

When we can gauge and anticipate our energy levels, we can begin to move with more ease throughout our daily lives. In other words, we won’t feel like we’re racing against the clock, never getting “enough” done, or feeling like we’re always coming up short.

What modalities are used in 1:1 coaching?

I use a variety of modalities in 1:1 work. I have had certification/training in the following: EFT tapping, moon cycle, meditation, astrology and working with limiting beliefs and emotional acceptance. While I’m not a certified life coach, I am continuously learning and expanding my knowledge through courses, programs and coaching to further support myself and clients in getting the best results possible.

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“We’re easy to invade when we aren’t flowing with our own fullness.”

Danielle LaPorte, White Hot Truth