The Exalted Mother Experience

Your time is now, Mama. It’s time to step into your Exalted state, frequency and energy. You will never be as ready as you are right now ♡

As women, as moms, we’re constantly cheering and encouraging others on, but we tend to find it difficult to cheer and encourage ourselves on.

We have the biggest hearts and minds to support and empower others.
We are the biggest doers, givers, promoters and advocates for other people’s dreams and goals.
We hold visions and space for other people’s presence in the world.

But when it comes to supporting and empowering ourselves, we fall short.
When it comes to doing, giving, promoting and advocating for ourselves, we shy away.
When it comes to envisioning and holding space for ourselves, we shrink and dim our light, our dreams and our desires.

Does this resonate and feel familiar to you?

Women, especially moms, have the capacity, ability and resourcefulness to create fulfillment for others, but generally find lack, scarcity and unfulfillment for ourselves.


There are a so many different reasons and excuses (that feel completely valid) that each of us carry and uphold about why we can’t, but it all comes down to … u n w o r t h i n e s s.

We believe and feel unworthy, not enough, and lacking in some way, shape or form to live a fulfilled life.

And I mean F U L F I L L E D. Not just content, not just comfortable, not just happy, ok and just fine, because many of us have that already.

I mean living your most fulfilled range of experience, emotion and expression…

Yes this includes your most inspired, deepest desired life. The kind of life that you look at and think, “Wow, this is a helluva life! I’m so happy I could burst! I’m so thankful I decided to just do it my way.” Like, brimming from your toes to your crown, overflowing with appreciation, amazement and feeling well-rested about the life you’re living.


Holding space for your lowest points, your struggles and resistance.

To me, Exalted means living from your most genuinely fulfilled state of being.

But in order to be in that state, we need to give the dishonoured, disgraceful and unaccepted parts of our self unconditional love, attention, acceptance and grace.

Your Exalted self trusts in her capability to navigate the stressors and pressures of life. Struggle is part of life.

Current negative and intense experiences will bring up emotional waves and feelings of uncertainty. It will bring to the surface our past experiences that have been cast into the shadows, disregarded and avoided.

But giving yourself room to honour these experiences, and knowing your unique strengths and gifts in moving through these times, is also part of a fulfilled, whole and worthy life.

I’m here to hold space for the women who feel the spark, that tiny little flame or ember, who believe that this kind of everyday fulfillment could be possible.

I’m here to help you sift and sort through your generational and karmic energy, so you can honour, process and integrate those emotions and beliefs that your body has stored for so long.

I’ll be a gentle guide and witness to the release of old energy or resistance that comes up when you commit to yourself on a whole new level.

I’m here to mentor the women who are ready to shift and change, despite not knowing what the hell that means or how the hell to do it. I’m here for the women who are also willing to show up, and believe, or borrow the belief (until it comes naturally for them), that they can live from a place of fulfillment now.

To the women who are ready, albeit afraid and uncertain, but showing up anyway, facing it until you make it….

You can.
You will.
Just watch.

These are such empowering words and create an inspiring and motivating energy. I remember the first time a mentor of mine said them, it gave me goosebumps and I could feel the energy shift within me.

I can.
I will.
Watch me.

So, if you’re ready, if you’re willing to show up for yourself, to uncover and activate the most genuinely fulfilled expression of yourself, moment by moment, day by day, I’m here to walk through it with you, for you, to share with you all I have that will support you in generating a deep and unlimited wellspring of worthiness from within.

“Most have forgotten that seeking change always requires a touch of insanity.”

The Motivation Manifesto, Brendon Burchard

Why am I so invested in helping you build & strengthen worthiness from within?

Because I was you.

Because I have worked with my fear of the unlived life, as Brendon Burchard speaks about in his book, The Motivation Manifesto.

Because I had to uncover my well of worthiness, to create a shift in my life, not just for myself, but for those around me here and now, and for the generations to come.

Because I know how uncomfortable and uneasy this work can feel, but how necessary it is to bust through inner glass ceilings that have been constructed without intentional consent.

Can you imagine the ripple effect it would create, when women, when mothers, step into their most genuinely fulfilled potential of worthiness and enough-ness, and live their lives fully and wholly?

Can you imagine how it will impact their kids?

Can you imagine how that would have impacted you, as a child, witnessing your mother living her most aligned life?!

Everyone experiences a degree of something during childhood that begins the process of chipping away self-worth, self-acceptance and self-sufficiency.

In sifting and sorting through your past and current experiences, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions, you can release the roots tethered to unworthiness and make space to create most genuine and accepted selves.

Are you ready to move, or keep moving, in this direction?
Are you ready to get curious and explore the potential and possibilities available for you?
Are you still nervous or hesitant, unsure about what this means for you, but still intrigued?

Amaze-balls! I am beyond excited to chat more about working together!

The focus of this experience working together:

  • to meet you where you’re at
  • to release current stress, overwhelm, discomfort & heaviness of everyday living
  • to re-write & re-view your past memories & experiences so they no longer leak & drain your energy
  • to shift out of your current autopilot mode & redefine your aligned, Exalted state of being
  • to become curious & familiar about your unique energetic essence & leverage that awareness & understanding so you can take practical action to live a more fulfilling life

I use a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT (aka Tapping) to guide you in shifting emotional states, thought patterns and physical constriction and resistance.

As we explore and honour the ups and downs of what’s top of mind for you, we’ll uncover deeper pieces of engrained themes, patterns, emotional roots and foundational beliefs that no longer support you. There will be shifts, release, healing and integration, as needed.

I also love, love, love using astrology and numerology to help you gain clarity and understanding around the essence of your unique energy, moods, motivation, mindset and natural tendencies.

The energetic expression of your charts can offer a new angle and jumping off point to your current life experiences, as well as processing the past and providing a compass for a fulfilling future.

We’ll tailor this experience specifically for you, but my intention and vision for this experience is for you to feel safely seen, heard and accepted. Our time together is to hold space for you, and offer guidance in sifting and sorting though the distractions of everyday life, so you can explore what fulfillment means for you, and to feel worthy of making that happen on your own terms!

This is a tailored-to-you experience, but here is the framework that’s included:

  • 3 monthly sessions (90 minutes each) for a minimum of 3 months
  • Essence of Soul Booklet – an energetic interpretation of your astrology & numerology birth charts over our time working together
  • Voxer or voice memo support between calls
  • * BONUS * Access to my new upcoming self-study course, Worthiness From Within!

If you’d like to chat and see if this is a fit for you and to hear the details of this experience, please book a free call by clicking the button below, fill out the quick info form, and I’ll be happy to get in touch with you. See you then!